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JiveX P.A.C.S. Sollution

The Modern Image and Diagnostic Report Management System for All Fields of Medicine

The various fields of medicine are moving ever closer together. The boundaries between departments and facilities are being overcome in favor of holistic, interdisciplinary and cross-sector patient care. In order to support these processes, the IT sector, too, must break new ground and must ensure that medical data no longer exists in isolation. This requires scalable solutions which are highly functional while at the same time clearing the road for hospital-wide data availability. In order to meet these requirements, JiveX is based on a modular concept, with JiveX Enterprise PACS, JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II) and JiveX Medical Archive forming the three main product segments, which can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements in a user-friendly way. 

All JiveX products are based on internationally recognized standards such as DICOM or HL7. As a result, they can be seamlessly and vendor-independently integrated into leading systems such as the HIS. The use of standards furthermore allows for easy integration of non-radiological data, as well as their distribution and viewing both facility-wide and across facilities.

Image Management in Radiology - Rich in Features with JiveX Enterprise PACS

Whether in the doctor‘s office or in clinical radiology, JiveX Enterprise PACS offers solutions for every scenario that are both high-performing and rich in features. Flexible interfaces and high scalability enable the establishment of a custom-tailored image data management. Integrated 3D functionality or the use of intelligent hanging and reading protocols greatly facilitate the radiological workflow. Moreover, thanks to its server structures and sophisticated permission concepts, JiveX Enterprise PACS is also optimally suited for working within networked scenarios.  

Uniform Image and Diagnostic Report Management in the Hospital with JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II)

With JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II), VISUS also provides a solution for hospital-wide integration of non-radiological image and diagnostic report data into the PACS which is based on profound experience in radiological image management and archiving. Regardless if ECG, endoscopy or wound documentation - JiveX enables data in a wide range of formats not only to be filed, but also to be analyzed for diagnostics and linked to further patient data. JiveX Integrated Imaging enables hospital-wide linkage of the modalities and the existing PACS – independently of the vendor. 

Hospital-Wide Consolidation of Medical Data within a Vendor-Neutral Archive with the JiveX Medical Archive

Today, current and older patient data is scattered over HIS, DMS, PACS, and various subsystems of the specialist departments. In order to obtain a complete picture of a patient, valuable time thus has to be invested into the search for all the relevant data. JiveX Medical Archive optimizes this process by bundling all the medical data in an archive and making it available via a uniform viewer. The system is based on the established PACS-II strategy with JiveX Integrated Imaging, which enables the integration even of non-radiological and non-DICOM image and reporting data into the PACS. The Medical Archive is capable of extending this consolidated data collection to include documents such as diagnostic, medical, or surgical reports. Nursing documents or scanned documents provided by the patient can also be managed in the Medical Archive. Thanks to use of the IHE-XDS standard (Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing) the JiveX Medical Archive is furthermore well equipped to meet future challenges in healthcare. IHE-XDS advances the concept behind the Medical Archive to a new level, because the standard enables data to be made available not only hospital-wide, but even across facilities. In addition, the standard offers greater flexibility as data can be migrated more easily and independently of the system.

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